Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Happy Halloween!!

Avery, Brynlee and Carson too cute!

So Cute!

Two Best Friends & their Cute Costumes!

Family Picture!!

Boo at the Zoo Winners!

So windy Mom!!

Brynlee's 3rd Halloween!

Brynlee's 2nd Halloween!

Brynlee at 8 months!

Wow, how time flies. I can't believe this is Brynlee's 3rd Halloween and oh how much she has changed every year. This year has been so much fun because she is really getting into liking her costume and all the fall decorations. This week has been very busy but fun. We went to the Pumpkin patch and tonight we went to our church Fall Festival. She had a blast at both places. Her best friend Carson and her couldn't stop smiling and laughing with each other. Carson wasn't sure who Brynlee was with her cat-eye glasses on and her poodle skirt. She also went to Boo at the Zoo for the first time this year and won first place in her age group for best costume. I really think the glasses is what did it for her (thank you Jessica). But as a proud mom, I of course thought she looked super cute. She also has had a busy time at school this week too. When we were at home sick with the Croup I was so bored and decided to make her her orange Halloween shirt for school. It was a lot of fun to make and took me awhile, since this was my first go at it. Courtney and I also decided to venture out and make a new style bow for the girls, which was a lot fun for Halloween. Hope everyone has a fun and safe Halloween.

Friday, October 23, 2009


Wow, yesterday went by so fast and was so fun. We went to see Dr. Mayberry at 9am to see how our little blessing was doing. We both had the jitters waiting in the waiting room, but once my name was called we were all smiles. We have been praying for this child everyday since the day we found out God granted us another one of His children. Our prayer has been for good health and a sweet spirit. God is so good. We found out that we have a healthy baby boy named LAWSON EDWARD TOOGOOD that will be apart of our family. Brian and Brynlee were both on the shocked side but have completely warmed up to the idea. Brian was thinking he was going to have two sweet girls, but to his surprise we are blessed to raise one of each. My prayer has been that God knows what sibling is best for Brynlee and our family and that they will love one another dearly. Neither Brian or I grew up with the opposite sibling, so this will be a little different for us but so fun. We can do all the girl things with Brynlee and all the boy things with Lawson. I am really looking forward to it. We told Brynlee last night when Brian got home by giving her an It's a Boy balloon with a boy baby doll. We told her she was going to have a little brother named Lawson and she just looked at us and shook her head in the no direction. We asked her if she could say his name and she told us no. We just kept playing with the baby in a brotherly manner and a little while later I asked her what her brothers name was again and she replied with the girl's name we had picked out and then said "Okay Mom, it is Lawson" with a big grin. Since then she has been carrying her baby Lawson around everywhere she goes. We are still trying to work on her saying him and his rather than she and her. She will be a great big sister and will still feel important because she will still be the only granddaughter on both sides. I am sure she will be his second little mommy too. I will try and scan the sonogram picture that I love in soon. It is a picture of his face and in the left part of his chest you can see a shape of a heart, which makes me think it is God's sign to me that he will have a sweet heart for Him and others. That has been our prayer! We love you Lawson and can't wait to meet you.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009


We would love you to vote in the upper right corner, if you think it is a boy or a girl. We will find out tomorrow who was right and post our results, if our blessing cooperates. I am still in the process of figuring out how all of this works, so please read our 20 week post on the lower left hand side. I am not sure how to show all of my posts. Have a great day!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Dallas Arboretum Pumpkin Patch

She had a blast running down this Path!

She loves her Aunt Shan!!

She was so intrigued with everything.

She found the Pumpkin she wanted

I love this picture of her looking up!

She loved the Horse made of Hay and Corn!

This was the Pumpkin Hut

Big Smiles for her first pictures

Brynlee was so excited to get to go with her Aunt Shan to the Dallas Arboretum and see all of their pumpkins. I was really excited too, because it was my first time to go in the fall and it was beautiful. She was amazed at all the pumpkins and especially the pumpkin hut. It was a beautiful day and we enjoyed a picnic on a blanket there by the pumpkin patch. These are just a few of the pictures that we took while we were there. Thank you Aunt Shan for telling us about it and taking us there.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

20 Weeks Til Blessing #2 Arrives!!

When we found out God was blessing us with another child of His, we were so excited. I decided to make Brynlee a BIG SISTER shirt to wear to reveal our news to both of our parents at the same time. Our parents were ecstatic as well as the rest of our family. To our surprise when we told Brian's brother, little did we know that they were pregnant too and due a week before us. It has been really fun sharing their first experiences with them and having doctors visits usually the same day or a day apart. We found out this week that they are expecting a little boy named Graham Weston Toogood. I also found out that my roommate from college was expecting her second baby 2 weeks after me, which we have been praying for them for over a year for their second child. This pregnancy has gone by so fast with having a precious 2 1/2 yr old to keep up with. Brynlee has been so excited since the day we told her, which seems just days ago. I can't believe how time has flown by and that I am already 20 weeks. We are anxiously awaiting our sweet little blessings arrival. Oh, how fast it has gone by. I can't believe that this Thursday Oct 22nd we will get to see our second child. Most importantly we are praying for a healthy baby that has a sweet spirit for the Lord. Brynlee is so excited to be a BIG SISTER and hopes it is a girl. We repeatedly tell her that God determines what the baby is and that we just pray that it is healthy. She agrees but still says, "Mommy hopefully it is a girl!" Brynlee has been such a joy and the love of our lives and it is hard to think that you could love another child equally, but we look forward to the day he or she arrives to love it just as much. We have been so grateful that God has given us another child to raise for Him while we are on this earth. Our prayer is that our children will love one another and show Gods love to others throughout their lives.